GJ Sentinel Opinion: When CMU Grows, We All Grow


Efforts to grow CMU will result in more wins for our community

Congratulations to President Tim Foster and his entire team at Colorado Mesa University for continuing to make smart and effective moves that will help establish Grand Junction as Western Colorado’s university town.

As CMU’s 10,000 students return for the new school year, they are being welcomed with banners along our streets, the opening of a fantastic new health-sciences facility and the continued construction of an incredible new engineering building on campus. The students in those programs will earn degrees for high-demand, well-paying jobs.

The Grand Junction City Council is doing their part to support the cause. Each year the city contributes significant funding towards the expansion of the campus. They recently voted in favor of University Boulevard, and they will undoubtedly be asked to do far more. We should all thank them for their continued support.

Alongside these efforts, the CMU20000 initiative was recently launched by the Grand Junction Area Chamber of Commerce to spearhead efforts to bring the university and our community closer together. Businesses are getting engaged with We Are CMU window stickers, special discounts for students and the development of a more robust internship program. Efforts with on site high school councilors to get more District 51 students on track to college are already underway.

Did you know CMU already contributes $450 million annually to our economy? Efforts to grow CMU will result in plenty of more wins for everyone in our community: A more highly-educated workforce, more parents that fly to our airport, stay in our hotels, eat at our restaurants and shop at our stores, and more students that decide they want to live here, start a career and raise a family.

I suggest all of us do our part. Attend a CMU event this year or simply walk around campus to check out all of the new facilities. Keep updated, suggest ideas or volunteer to help at CMU20000.com. And please share your enthusiasm for all of the positive things taking place at Colorado Mesa University, whether it’s with friends, neighbors, on social media or a letter of support to the newspaper or City Council. Because when CMU grows, we all grow.

Grand Junction

Alex Chaffetz